The 1st Good Shepherd Mother’s Day

(GS CEO, Sr. Therese Thong presented that GS served many mothers from different miserable situations, and found their extraordinary tenacity.)

On April 3rd, Good Shepherd Social Welfare Services held a press conference— “The 1st Good Shepherd Mother’s Day”. The topic is about “Mom is my best friend!” and we invited the public to upload his/her mother’s representative photo to our website (!/ People could vote those they like, and the TOP 5 could obtain a small gift. After the voting, the public appraisal chose part of all the photos and displayed in the SPOT-Taipei Film House.

For the 26 years of services, GS helped many mothers, including single mothers, disadvantaged new immigrants, aboriginal mothers and those who suffered from domestic violence. To raise the public’s concern, GS starts to hold the “Good Shepherd Mother’s Day” from this year.



(A girl from GS New Taipei City West New Immigrant Family Service Center also contributed the photo of her mom who is a Vietnam and passed away.Through the photo, she could strongly remind the tenacity from her mom devoting to her family. )

For the 1st “Good Shepherd Mother’s Day”, we not only asked for the photos, but also invited the public to pay close attention to the issue of violence against women. The public was encouraged to help us in donation, visit the displayed photos, or leave the inspiring messages for the victims. At the end, we would collect and pass all the messages to the mothers who suffered or are suffering from the violence.



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