Good Shepherd’s fifth annual “No Violence 911” event

Launched by Good Shepherd Social Welfare Services, “No Violence 911” event entered its fifth year in Taiwan. In the press conference on “Help the little one and save a life”, we invited the general public to join us to form a charity network for “Children traumatized at home” to become protectors of these children.

The term “Children traumatized at home” was used by Good Shepherd Social Welfare Services in 2011 to cover girls sexually abused or suffering from domestic violence, babies abandoned, and children abused at home. We hope to raise the awareness that these children traumatized at home need immediate help and professional assistance. It is worrisome that such cases are increasing. Currently, one out of 100 children and juvenile are traumatized at home. According to the CEO of Good Shepherd Social Welfare Services, Sister Therese Thong, after the case is reported to the authorities, professional help and assistance will be provided by social welfare system, however; before the case surfaces, if the general public can form a network to care for the children around us who may be victims at their homes so that the authorities can be alerted as soon as possible, some tragedies may be prevented.


In the press conference, Director of Halfway Home for Children and Youths from Good Shepherd Foundation, honorable guest from government sector and CEO of Good Shepherd Foundation, Sister Therese Thong holding plant waterers symbolizing using “love” water to help the children grow up safely.

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