Taiwan GS Services for ‘Three Young’ (Young baby, Young mommy and Young daddy)



Meeting a vital need….

The community and personal issues
On February 24, 2019, Taiwan News reported that a 21 year old woman had drowned her child on December 21, only 5 days after giving birth. This is such a terrible tragedy which is consistent with our experience. We do know that pregnant teenage unmarried girls face several challenges when they discover that they are pregnant and have the responsibility of looking after their babies. They are still ‘young’, ‘immature’, and are not able to take on the responsibility. They do not get any support from their male partners, the father of the baby, and often when we read of child abuse to the extent of death of the baby, it is the babies of these young people.
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Taiwan First Transition Apartment for New Adults

photo-1-300x199Good Shepherd Services have provided shelter for vulnerable youths. At age 18, they have to leave from the shelter and survive in the society independently. In reality, some of them have difficulty to adjust in the society due to poverty and very limited social network support. Therefore, Good Shepherd services have tried very hard to find transition apartments for these new adults. Finally, we opened the first Taiwan transition apartment for new adults from age 18 to 20 on Nov. 29, 2018. New adults pay 60-80% of rental fee of market price but the total paid rental fee will be refunded to them when they are ready to move out this transition apartment. Continue Reading →

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Unity to End Violence against Women

025From the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women to Human Rights Day, we celebrate 16 days of activism against gender-based violence as an international campaign. This campaign challenges violence against women and girls. This year, UN Women honored and amplified the voices of survivors and grassroots activities. Under the UN theme “Orange the world, #hearmetoo.” UN women issued a call to listen to and believe survivors. This campaign prioritized ending the culture of silencing and putting survivors at the center of our responses. Continue Reading →

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The 1st Good Shepherd Mother’s Day

(GS CEO, Sr. Therese Thong presented that GS served many mothers from different miserable situations, and found their extraordinary tenacity.)

On April 3rd, Good Shepherd Social Welfare Services held a press conference— “The 1st Good Shepherd Mother’s Day”. The topic is about “Mom is my best friend!” and we invited the public to upload his/her mother’s representative photo to our website (http://www.facebook.com/goodshepherd.org.tw/?sk=app_492124014133119&app_data=104750#!/goodshepherd.org.tw/app_492124014133119). People could vote those they like, and the TOP 5 could obtain a small gift. After the voting, the public appraisal chose part of all the photos and displayed in the SPOT-Taipei Film House.

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President Ma recognized Good Shepherd services in helping New Immigrant Women and their families

On 19th of March, 2012, President Ma held tea party with fourteen new immigrant women; two of them are members of Good Shepherd’s New Taipei City West New Immigrant Family Service Center, Ms. Ping-Hua, Zeng and Ms. Qing-Chu, Chong. These fourteen new immigrant women were the characters of China Times series reports「New Taiwanese stories」in February. Continue Reading →

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Good Shepherd workers received awards for best service performance

Good Shepherd workers received awards for best service performance on 2nd April, 2012, the day of Social Workers.

On 2nd of April, 2012, Ministry of the Interior together with Taiwan Association of Social Workers, present awards to the best service performance of social workers. Social works is a profession specialized in helping people. Social workers help people who are in the situations of poor, troubles, or any kinds of difficulties. They must have compassion, patience, and professional skills. They also need to have zeal for serving other people. The award-winnings of 2012, some dedicated in serving Aboriginal Tribe people, some dedicated in promoting the right and welfare of people who suffered in AIDS, today they all received honorable awards. Continue Reading →

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