Good Shepherd workers received awards for best service performance

Good Shepherd workers received awards for best service performance on 2nd April, 2012, the day of Social Workers.

On 2nd of April, 2012, Ministry of the Interior together with Taiwan Association of Social Workers, present awards to the best service performance of social workers. Social works is a profession specialized in helping people. Social workers help people who are in the situations of poor, troubles, or any kinds of difficulties. They must have compassion, patience, and professional skills. They also need to have zeal for serving other people. The award-winnings of 2012, some dedicated in serving Aboriginal Tribe people, some dedicated in promoting the right and welfare of people who suffered in AIDS, today they all received honorable awards.

The theme of 2012 Social Workers day is SMART, represent skill, mind, action, radical, and trust.



(Good Shepherd CEO, Sr. Therese Thong, congratulate the Director of Telay Girls Halfway Home, Ms. Yuh-Jing Chen, and Assistant Director of Nishin Home for Unmarried Mothers,Ms. hui-zhen, Hsieh, for receiving the awards of best service performance.)

the Director of Telay Girls Halfway Home, Ms. Yuh-Jeh Chen, has worked for children and youths for sixteen years, starting from being a Care Giver, to a social worker, to a Chief Care Giver, then to a Chief Social Worker, and now is the Director of Telay Girls Halfway Home. She has passion and compassion to children and youths. She catches her co-workers hearts to work together in helping the needy children and youths. She always said that to protect children and youths is her life-time mission. She considered herself is not just a social worker, but also the mother of these children. She worked into suburb of Taitung area, leading her partners worked from Taitung city to Beinan, Donghe, Haiduan, and Dawu Towns, insisted to bring services into places where needed it, her love to Taitung and children is obvious.

The Deputy Director of Nishin Home for Unmarried Mothers, Ms. hui-zhen, Hsieh, she dedicated in service for unmarried mothers. She always full of compassion to them. She upheld the principal of resilience into her works; excise her services with equality, honesty, and trusty, empowered the unmarried mothers with the abilities to live independently with their babies, or ready for putting their children to adoption. She accompanied the unmarried mothers, accepted their differences, arranged seminars for consultation, and other programs, wishes to help them back to society and re-engineering their lives again.

Again, we congratulate Ms. Yuh-Jeh, Chen and Ms. Hui-Zen, Hsieh both received 2012 best service performance awards.

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